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Emiie's Demons.❣

Emiie's Demons.❣

Name: Emiie//Age:20//Vocalist//PostHardcore//Metal//Pansexual// Colo{rad}o//Cartoons//That'sNotVeryPopPunkOfYou

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Go to Hell, For Heavens Sake- Bring Me The Horizon

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I’m just feeling so fucking down so please talk to me.

Anonymous asked: I'm glad that you realize that it will get better :) it's awesome that you can try and remain hopeful and positive even when you're sad! That's a great quality to have!


It’s hard to remember sometimes.


Pierce The Veil lyrics.

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Top Ten Reasons Not To Kill Yourself Today:

10.) You have friends who care about you.
9.) You can’t get anymore tattoos, piercings, or other cute things.
8.) No more cute clothes.
7.) Your family loves you, biological or not.
6.) There is a new album for your favorite band/artist coming out soon and you need to hear it.
5.) You can’t meet someone to love when you’re dead.
4.) You can’t hang out with the true friends, even if you only have one.
3.) You’ll never see another movie with your favorite actor/actress.
2.) You’re the most important person to someone. Whether or not you have met them.
1.) You are an incredible, beautiful, amazing person and I love you.

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